Photographer Spotlight: Zane Gan

Photographer Spotlight: Zane Gan

Editors Note: At Pestle & Mortar Clothing we love to collaborate with talented photographers from all corners of the globe. Zane was an intern when PMC was still in early days back in Wanaka and after moving on to doing his own thing, he ended up in NYC doing what he loves.

Here are the Tears Of The Black Tiger collection shot exclusively on 35mm and 120mm film, Zane’s preferred medium

Being a fanboy since day 1 with PMC, and working for them in 2013. I’ve always wanted to make pictures with Hugh and Co.
Fast Forward 5 years, I moved to New York.
Planning my visit back home, having seen the collection online, I jumped at the chance to shoot the collection.
This collection is my favourite in recent years, Lucas described to me the concept behind the collection as well as inspirations and motifs. I selected my favourite pieces and styled it with minimalism & comfort in mind. Simple and bold just like the collection. Shot entirely on film (35mm&120), i wanted to offer PMC a different view from their usual aesthetics, Ienjoyed the shadows and light that came into view. Personally, I felt PMC made a great homage to the movie.

Zane moved to NY to pursue his goal of becoming a portrait photographer.  His journey started with shooting models from various agencies, which led to fashion editorials published with various online and print magazines from around the world such as Fuucking Young!, Contributor Magazine, GLAM Malaysia, Kaltblut, Jute, Just Mag, tocksick, NSS, and NY Times to name a few.

Zane is often inspired by minimalism, the past & present people he has met, as his work often evokes a sense of timelessness, 90% of his pictures are in B&W as he likes his audience to see the person as is. No distractions from colour or clothing. Also a fashion nerd in his own right, Zane has been attending and working during NYFW, shooting & writing backstage for magazines.

Zane has been shooting since 2008,  professionally since 2016. He loves portraits and all things black & white. Zane is currently working in NY as a photographer with Eric Johnson at Upstairs at Eric’s. When he is not shooting beautiful models he is always somewhere dancing or drinking G&T at a jazz bar.

Zane Gan is a Malaysian photographer based in New York, graduated from San Francisco’s Academy of Art University in 2016.

Follow Zane on Instagram: @zanegan

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