Pestle & Mortar Clothing X Paul Bush Capsule Collection

Pestle & Mortar Clothing X Paul Bush Capsule Collection

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Casting the net further afield, Pestle & Mortar Clothing announces their collaboration with up and coming young illustrator, Paul Bush. The collection pays homage to the merging of iconic Malaysian Imagery told through the eyes of Paul, a native of Gibraltar and the United Kingdom. This different approach or insight Is what makes the 5-piece capsule unique and a standout in the local streetwear scene. 

Consisting of 5 Garments, the Paul Bush collaboration capsule features three T-Shirts, a hoodie and a bowling shirt. Using Paul’s unique sense of colour and style, the collection Is a perfect addition to your upbeat summer wardrobe.

“I always want to communicate a sense of place, and I feel like that’s something Pestle & Mortar do extremely well. Personally, the brand’s identity nods to something exotic but also vintage, all rediscovered in exciting new ways, something I felt my work could really try to compliment.” Paul said regarding the collaboration

The Pestle & Mortar Clothing x Paul Bush collaboration capsule will be launching on Thursday 24th May at Wakaka The Bungalow, 31 Jalan Dungun. And will be available exclusively online and at PMC Bangsar.

Paul will also be displaying his recent artwork as well as selling prints for those who would like to bring a little of his imagery into your homes.

Models: Nia Rosli
Photographer: Ng Joe Ee
Producer: Lucas Lau
Digital Imaging: Lucas Lau
Styling & Wardrobe: Lingjie Tuang
Art Direction: Jack Gan & Danny New
Location: Jack Gan

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