PMC Travel : Langkawi with Hugh

PMC Travel : Langkawi with Hugh

As COVID-19 travel restrictions ease, many Malaysians have got their bags packed and taken to the highways & skies for a much needed break after a hectic 5 months. In normal circumstances Malaysians have this mentality that vacations spots outside of Malaysia are much better compared to what we have here.

We don't blame them, as Malaysia is located in the middle of Southeast Asia making regional travel extremely easy and affordable. Two hour flights get you to Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, etc and not to mention the affordable flight tickets thanks to airlines like AirAsia!

Fortunately, due to the international travel ban, Malaysians are finally exploring our own country's hidden holiday spots. Our Instagram feeds have been filled with pretty holiday photos at gems right here in Malaysia! 

We at PMC decided to interview some of our staff on their favourite local holiday destinations. We hope these stories inspire you to pack your bags and check them out for yourself. Our country needs it! You need it! Safe Travels.

Hugh Koh (Co-Founder) : Langkawi 

How to get there :-
1) An hour flight from Kuala Lumpur
2) 6 hour drive to Kuala Perlis and 2 hour ferry ride 

I personally love Langkawi for 2 reasons! The sunset and cheap booze! That for me is a match made in heaven. Langkawi will not take home the prize for the clearest water or the most beautiful beach award in Malaysia however being only a 50 minute flight it is the most convenient in the island category. Im not one that likes sitting in a car or plane for hours on end. 

My usual Langkawi trip ranges from 3-4 nights. It usually starts with a trip to the Duty Free store to stock up on booze. I like my whiskey and beer and Billion has a great selection with some of the best prices on the island. If you don't know beer cost cheaper than mineral water!

My daily activities usually range from indulging in food, lazing on the beach with some cycling or running exploring the beautiful sites Langkawi has to offer. 

Find below a list of my go to spots when in Langkawi.

My Food Spots

Smiling Buffalo
A nice quaint cafe located in the Pantai Cenang vicinity. Head over for brunch : Good coffee and pancakes with views of the padi fields. No frills and reasonable.

Scarborough Fish & Chips
If you're a fan of fish & chips just like me, this spot is worth a lunch visit. Golden deep fried goodness overlooking Tanjung Rhu beach. 

Els Club
Els Club is a beautiful coastal golf club located in Teluk Datai. The Hornbill cafe is worth a teatime visit for coffee, curry puffs and lovely oceanside views.

Nam Restaurant, Bon Ton
Malay style boutique resort with a beautiful restaurant. Nam serves good western and eastern gourmet cuisine overlooking beautiful landscape. Sunsets are pretty darn beautiful too.

Hire A Bike And See Langkawi Differently

If you are an avid cyclist its worth bringing your own bike. Langkawi has some beautiful rides worth exploring. If you don't, most resorts offer bike hires anyway. Take a ride into the padi fields, around the island or even up Gunung Raya you are bound to be left in awe by some captivating views of the island. 

Padang Matsirat

Gunung Raya 

Take In A Sunset Of The Andaman Sea
Langkawi has some of the most beautiful sunsets in Malaysia. My personal favourite would be on the beach at Tanjung Rhu. Enjoy a sunset cocktail with some of your favourite tunes as you watch the sky turn into an array of intense orange and pink hues. If you're feeling a little more baller rent a yacht with some friends and watch it set  as the boat rocks to the calm warm waters of the Andaman. 

Tanjung Rhu Beach
Sunset Views From The Yacht

All in all Langkawi is the perfect package. It has an abundance of different options from budget all the way to baller status. Its the perfect location if you need a break from your hectic life. 

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