Click & Mortar: Pushing The Boundaries of Retail

Click & Mortar: Pushing The Boundaries of Retail

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2019 marks the ninth year of Pestle & Mortar Clothing’s existence. The landscape around us is ever changing and the saying goes “evolve or die” The brand continuously stays true to the very reason of our existence which is championing Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region around us. What evolves is the different channels and the way we communicate with our customers. 

Retail has always played an integral role for the brand from setting the tone and the overall backdrop of our products. The lines between the physical and digital landscape are blurring. We speak to a group of customers who are digital savvy and that are constantly in-tune with different and new technology advancements within our landscape. 

Mobile penetration in SE.A is expected to almost triple in the next 3 years! Mobile phones in our region exceeds any other region in the world. All this development cannot be neglected and this is the main driving force for our new concept of retail. 

Click & Mortar aims to add value and convenience to each and every customer's shopping experience. We ideally want to shift the power into the hands of our customers.

Customers will be able to forgo the traditional means of shopping and payment with the help of QR codes on each of the products. Continuing the fight against cash we have provided a wide range of payment options from your conventional credit cards / bank transfer to all your major e-wallet options such as Boost.

Product education and styling inspiration has always been something we have been pushing. With the scan of a QR code you will be able to learn more about the details of the product or even browse through a selection of styling inspiration by our customers themselves.

Scanning the related products QR code also allows seamless purchasing of products on the spot and provides the option of collection via our in-store pick up counter or even

the option to send it back home or to a friend. This process eliminates queues and allows you to better spend your time learning more about the brand through our in-store media platforms.

We don’t expect an instant shift to “Click & Mortar”, however, education is key. As a front runner of Malaysian streetwear we want to continue to push boundaries in everything we do. 

Click & Mortar today is just the beginning. Over the coming years expect a lot more developments within this space. 


Visit the Click & Mortar pop-up anytime from 10am to 10pm, till the 28th of July!

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