Chinese New Year Capsule Collection

Chinese New Year Capsule Collection

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Here at PMC we believe that Chinese New Year doesn’t always have to be about the colour red and the copious amounts of bling. Instead, we welcome the year of the dog with iconic Chinese New Year imagery near and dear to everyone’s heart, regardless if you celebrate it or are in it just for the Ang Pows.

Come through on chor yatt with your brand new crisp Open House Tee in stylish burgundy, snapping necks of everyone who decided on the boring ang pow red to match the decor. Just don’t be the dude rocking the slippers when hitting up your homies cribs on day one.

Let the Fu Dog watch over you and bring wisdom and useful knowledge to what 2018 will bring. While we couldn’t make it change for every day you wear it, useful guidelines for the year as a whole, gotta keep those thotties at bay after all.

You know its Chinese New Year season when TV Programming gets put on the Stephen Chow and God Of Gamblers Playlists (With helpful subtitles for the muhibbah vibes). Andy would have totally rocked the Tee in our God Of Gamblers Tee in White. 

The Pestle & Mortar Chinese New Year Capsule Collection Drops on the 3rd of February at Pestle & Mortar Clothing Flagship in Bangsar as well as all Major Drop Stores nationwide. 


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