Add Colour To Your Wardrobe

Add Colour To Your Wardrobe

The time is now to stop being plain-old boring peeps. Once and for all, step out of your comfort zone and start taking chances with your fashion choices. Many of us tend to stick to basic black or old-fash white when picking out an outfit. We understand, wearing colour can be grim for a lot of people, especially if you don't want to look like a bag of skittles or stand out like a parrot among sparrows (even though that seems perfectly fine to us, coz go big or go home, right?!).

Perhaps every outfit you wear is of the same three colours because bright hues are just not part of your style and aesthetic. What if we told you that we're here to help you animate your wardrobe with a little colour to step up your styling game and give your life that extra oomph it needs.

Whether you’re an expert with the colour wheel and just need some extra tips in styling, or if you’ve got no clue on how to incorporate more colour to your closet, this article was written just for you.

Introducing Super Sweaty ‘19, PMC’s collection of the latest spring/summer 2019 styles to help you on this journey of adding colour to your wardrobe.

The neon trend is back with a bang, and without a doubt, neon green is the colour of the year. Add neon to your wardrobe with our Flying Mechanic Tee (RM99), Grand Slam Logo Tee (RM99), or our latest S.E.A Contour Tee (RM109) - all in the shade Acid Lime! 

The trick about pulling of this trend is to not over do it. Just pair it with a pair of black or white bottoms, and BOOM you’ll look snazzy af. This is the best way to add a pop of colour, while still maintaining a minimalistic look. Trust us, everyone needs to give this trend a shot. There’s no escaping it.

If you’re nervous about combining colour into your wardrobe, start off small. Add colour with some of your accessories to present a faint gust of colour that won't overwhelm the rest of your outfit. Remember homies, one step at a time there’s no need to rush! You can try this out with our Ikon Snapback in Peach - select one that best matches your personality. Style the caps a dark top for a cool look.

The easiest way to include colour and also still remain true to your aesthetic is through an ageless look - a t-shirt in an adventurous colour. Try burgundy or yellow for a change, a colour that has been everywhere this year. Play around with various shades like sunshine or mustard yellow and opt for the one which suits you best. Consider our Grand Slam Logo Tee in Amber Yellow or the Money Cat 2.0 Tee in Burgundy to give it a shot! Pair the tees with a simple pair of jeans, and you’re set!  A gist of bright colours styled right!

Another effortless way to incorporate colour to your wardrobe is by investing in a good piece with bold (colour, shape) patterns. We’ve got you covered with our Matt-A-Hurry Crewneck Purple. With a striking purple and a vivid 90’s design, this jumper will definitely catch the eyes of many (in a good way). 

All in all, a pinch of colour won’t hurt you so it’s time you venture out of the ordinary.



Written by Sonia Sanjiivii @soniasanjiivii

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